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Hello World using JSP.

It has weak typed and dynamic typed programming discipline. It first appeared in the month of September Features Requires servlet container based web or application server to deploy the JSP web pages. Requires JavaScript engine to run the code.

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Generality Will be rendered from Server side using servlet technology. Available in major browsers in client and server side environment. Maintenance Maintained by Java Specification group. Tomcat supports the only HTTP. Support Supports all browsers easily because it is being rendered by a web server to generate the content.

Difference Between JSP vs Servlet

Supports contents in few browsers depending on the functionalities. Flexibility It is difficult to maintain larger projects. It is easier and flexible to develop large and complex projects. JSP can be used only in the servlet container compliant servers only whereas JavaScript can be used in Node.

JavaScript provides different options to develop web pages. You may also have a look at the following articles to learn more.

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Verifiable Certificate of Completion. Lifetime Access. Your email address will not be published. JSP can be used independently or as the view component of a server-side model—view—controller design, normally with JavaBeans as the model and Java servlets or a framework such as Apache Struts as the controller.

Web Development with JavaServer Pages - D. Fields, M. Kolb - Librairie Eyrolles

This is a type of Model 2 architecture. JSP allows Java code and certain predefined actions to be interleaved with static web markup content, such as HTML, with the resulting page being compiled and executed on the server to deliver a document. The compiled pages, as well as any dependent Java libraries, contain Java bytecode rather than machine code. Like any other Java program, they must be executed within a Java virtual machine JVM that interacts with the server's host operating system to provide an abstract, platform-neutral environment.

The Web container creates JSP implicit objects like request, response, session, application, config, page, pageContext, out and exception. JSP Engine creates these objects during translation phase. JSP pages use several delimiters for scripting functions. A scriptlet is a fragment of Java code that is run when the user requests the page. Java code is not required to be complete or self-contained within a single scriptlet block.

Creating a JSP Web Application with a Form

It can straddle markup content, provided that the page as a whole is syntactically correct. Content that falls inside a split block of Java code spanning multiple scriptlets is subject to that code.

J2EE Web Development

Content inside an if block will only appear in the output when the if condition evaluates to true. Likewise, content inside a loop construct may appear multiple times in the output, depending upon how many times the loop body runs. The following would be a valid for loop in a JSP page:. Version 2. In JSP 2.

An example of EL syntax :.