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The Politics of Postmodernism (New Accents)

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Postmodernism: WTF? An introduction to Postmodernist Theory - Tom Nicholas

Stiff pictorial wraps. As issued. Seller Inventory Never used!. Seller Inventory P Book Description Routledge. Seller Inventory NEW First Edition - may be Reissue. Ships with Tracking Number! As always with this series, the bibliography is very helpful. Do postrnodern phenomena helplessly reflect a decadent, late capitalist age?

Do they challenge it? Is the challenge effective?

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Hutcheon sees the postrnodern as both partaking of and challenging our culture. The allpervasive postmodern irony both uses and interrogates all forms of representation, whether of gender, history, meaning, control, or the self.

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Postrnodern texts, verbal or visual, put such representations and masternarratives in quotation marks by means of ironic appropriations that are often labelled pastiche or parody. Such interrogation invites us to ponder the signifying practices of both the original constructs and their postmodern avatars. The postrnodern is resolutely contradictory, because it works within and uses the systems it questions. It is also unaVOidably political, acutely aware of history'S textuality, and dedicated to unsettling orthodox opinions. It 'de-doxifies' our unexamined social narratives.

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  • The Politics of Postmodernism.

Hutcheon sketches useful contrasts between the postrnodern and related movements-poststructuralismand feminism in particular. Sheadmits that postrnodernism has no effective theory of agency, so it does not readily convert to political action. One of her most important arguments derives from the nature of her definition: many literary texts not generally considered postrnodern in style now qualify on grounds of their interrogation of cultural doxa.

The Politics of Postmodernism : Linda Hutcheon :

Second edition. Working through the issue of representation in art forms from fiction to photography, Linda Hutcheon sets out postmodernism's highly political challenge to the dominant ideologies of the western world. A new epilogue traces the fate of the postmodern.

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Individual chapters focus on the ironies of ethnicity and race, irony as a strategy for addressing Canada's colonial past, and feminists' uses of…. Condition: Very Good. Jacket condition: Paperback. The Edmonton Book Store Professional seller. New York and London, Methuen, Toronto, Oxford University Press, Edition: Fifth.

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