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American family prominent in the fields of politics, news, sports, entertainment, and business. For other uses, see Bush disambiguation. For uses related to other people, see Bush surname.

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Bush , Barbara Bush , George H. Bush , Jeb Bush. Bush and Columba Bush. Timothy Bush Jr. Lydia Newcomb Obadiah Newcomb Bush — , m. Harriet Smith James Smith Bush , m. Harriet Fay Samuel Prescott Bush , m. Flora Sheldon Prescott Sheldon Bush , m. Nadeau, m.

Susan C. Bush George H. Bush , m. Barbara Pierce George W. The Washington Times. Archived from the original on Retrieved Retrieved 11 Sep Retrieved 10 January Greenwich, CT Patch. Bush 3d". Retrieved 10 January — via NYTimes. Deerfield Academy. The Hill. Retrieved February 12, James Smith Bush". June Bowie, Md. Senate: Error Page". Bush with statue".

George H. W. Bush always had a special connection to baseball

Retrieved 10 January — via www. Bush family. Bush—Davis—Walker family political line Bush family Bush surname. Prescott Sheldon Bush. He was rescued by a submarine a short time later and was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for heroism under fire. He met her in during the Christmas holidays at a country club dance in Greenwich. They went on to have six children: George Walker ; Robin, who was born in and died in of leukemia; John Ellis "Jeb" ; Neil ; Marvin ; and Dorothy "Doro" Bush was discharged from the Navy in September and enrolled at Yale University.

He was part of a surge of World War II veterans who flooded colleges and universities after the war. He completed an undergraduate degree in economics on an accelerated program that allowed him to graduate by At Yale, he was active and involved on campus, playing baseball and eventually becoming captain of the team. He was also a member of the Skull and Bones society, an exclusive secret society on campus.

After graduation, Bush chose to go out on his own.

George H. W. Bush: Life Before the Presidency | Miller Center

Rather than stay in the Northeast, the Bushes moved to Odessa, Texas, in , and Bush worked as an equipment clerk for an oil company. The family moved briefly to California, then returned in to Midland, Texas, where Bush began working in the oil industry as a salesperson for Dresser Industries, which was owned by an old family friend. In , Bush and a friend formed an oil development company in Midland. Three years later, they merged with another company to create Zapata Petroleum. In , Bush became president of a subsidiary, Zapata Off-Shore Company, which developed offshore drilling equipment.

He soon relocated the company and his family to Houston, Texas. Bush began his political career when he became the Republican Party chairman in Harris County, Texas. He developed grassroots connections as chairman and worked hard to strengthen his image as a conservative. Bush had always been good with people, and as chairman he was able to cultivate relationships in the Republican Party that helped him throughout his political career. In , Bush ran for a U. Senate seat against incumbent Democratic Senator Ralph Yarborough. Bush ran a hard campaign but struggled against charges of being a carpetbagger from the North.

He also faced an uphill battle running as a Republican in Texas because of the strength of the local Democratic Party. In November, Democrat Lyndon Johnson of Texas was overwhelmingly elected President, and Yarborough defeated Bush by a margin of 1,, to 1,, In , Bush ran for a seat in the U. House of Representatives from Houston's Seventh district.

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Running as a moderate Republican, he won the election with more than fifty percent of the vote. He was reelected in In Congress, Bush gained a seat on the coveted Ways and Means Committee, which was rare for a freshman congressman. He supported the Vietnam War and voted for parts of President Johnson's Great Society program, including the Civil Rights Bill of to outlaw discrimination in housing, a courageous vote for a congressman from Texas.

After serving two terms in the House, Bush eyed another run for the Senate in Ralph Yarborough, who had defeated Bush in , was a liberal Democrat from Texas at a time when the state was becoming increasingly conservative. Bush believed that he could defeat Yarborough in the election. But Yarborough did not win the Democratic primary. Instead, Bush ran against Lloyd Bentsen, a conservative Democrat.

Since the Democratic Party was still very strong in Texas and Bush and Bentsen did not differ greatly on the issues, Bush again lost the election. Critics opposed the nomination because Bush lacked foreign policy experience but the Senate confirmed him. Bush was not part of the Nixon administration's inner circle, which undercut his effectiveness at the United Nations. Nonetheless, he used his tenure to continue to make influential friends within the U. The ambassador relished his person-to-person contacts with foreign envoys and began assembling his legendary rolodex that would serve him well in the years to come.

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The administration turned to Bush to head the RNC because of his reputation for respectability and integrity. During the Watergate scandal, Bush was a tireless supporter of President Nixon until the release of the White House tapes. Bush then informed the President that he had lost the support of the Republican Party. After listening to key Republican congressional leaders who told him that he would be impeached by the House and convicted by the Senate, Nixon resigned the presidency in August The new President appointed Bush as the U.

Because the United States did not yet have full diplomatic relations with China, Bush served as chief of the U. Liaison's Office instead of as ambassador. China offered the Bushes a respite from Washington, but they stayed only two years.

Dark Legacy - The Bush Connection to the JFK Assassination - Part 1 of 6

The CIA was emerging from a controversial period in its history and needed a strong, effective leader to improve morale and reform the agency. By most accounts, Bush was a popular director and able administrator. The Bushes left Washington, D. Bush rejoined the corporate world back in Houston and started planning for the presidential campaign soon after he returned.

He began with reestablishing his Texas contacts and fundraising. On May 1, , Bush announced his candidacy for the Republican nomination for President. During the Republican primaries in the campaign, the conservative wing of the party was drawn to Ronald Reagan, the former actor and governor of California.

Bush was considered more moderate and less dogmatic than Reagan, who was anointed as the frontrunner early on. Bush surprised most observers when he won the Iowa caucus. He campaigned throughout the state with great determination and energy, and raised concerns about Reagan's economic plan to lower taxes and increase military spending while balancing the federal budget. Bush derisively labeled Reagan's plan "voodoo economics".

Once the campaign turned to New Hampshire, Bush became embroiled in an incident that has become part of the lore of American political history.

The Telegraph newspaper in Nashua proposed a debate between just Reagan and Bush. When Senator Dole complained about his exclusion, Reagan's campaign agreed to fund the debate and invited the other candidates, unbeknownst to Bush. Bush was caught by surprise when he arrived at the debate and saw the other candidates on the stage with Reagan. As the candidates argued about the debate's format, the moderator of the debate ordered Reagan's microphone turned off, and Reagan responded, "I paid for this microphone!