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Broer, Nieuw Archief voor Wiskunde, Vol. The book is nicely organised and written in a very understandable way. The main ideas are clearly explained at the beginning of each chapter, so it is easy to learn the facts first and to fill in the details later, when needed. Some background information is provided at various places in the text and in appendices on rings and modules, group actions and representations, quadratic forms and Lie algebras.

Each chapter is well motivated and summarised in its introduction. Humphries, Mathematical Reviews. Issue c "A clear exposition of a truly beautiful area of mathematics. It is probably fair to say that there isn't much new in the book, except to find all relevant material in the one place, well-organized and well-explained.

Show More Show Less. Any Condition Any Condition. No ratings or reviews yet. Be the first to write a review. You may also like. Algebraic stacks. Moduli stack of affine stable toric varieties N. On the conference in Israel continuation of the talk on 13th March D. On the conference in Israel D.

Lie groups and invariant theory

Examples of describing amalgams of families of algebras and groups R. Projections of orbital measures, Gelfand—Tsetlin polytopes, and splines G. The automorphism group of a complete toric variety P. Some questions of vision neurogeometry D. Wide subalgebras of semisimple Lie algebras D. Depth of Stanley—Reisner algebras A. A non-combinatorial proof of the Littlewood-Richardson rule based on the paper "Why should the Littlewood-Richardson Rule be true?

Unirationality and existence of infinitely transitive models joint work with F.

Vinberg’s theorem on hyperbolic reflection groups - Chen Meiri

Bogomolov and I. Karzhemanov K. Deformations of modular Lie algebras A. Kostant-Kumar polynoms and tangent cones to Schubert varieties M. Cluster algebras E. New computation methods in exceptional Chevalley groups N. Solvable spherical subgroups: a review of different approaches to classification R. Commuting involutions of Lie algebras, commutator varieties, and simple Jordan algebras D. Two problems with the same answer: algebra and combinatorics D. Degenerate flag varieties E. Representations of algebraic groups on polynomial rings based on a paper by Bertram Kostant S.

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The generalized cancellation problem based on a paper by Anthony Crachiola P. On double coset varieties A. Quiver representations and Grassmannians of subrepresentations S. Lattices: Even lattices, automorphisms, Enriques and rational surfaces A. The period domain: Topological properties, Hodge theory, Torelli theorem A.

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Buriyak, S. Simply connected curves and automorphism groups of affine toric surfaces joint work with Mikhail Zaidenberg I. On approximating properties of finitely generated dense subgroups in Lie groups A. Divided difference operators on polytopes V. Classification of spherical varieties a survey continuation D.

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Classification of spherical varieties a survey D. On rings of commuting differential operators A. Block characters of symmetric groups V. Geometric characterization of excellent affine spherical homogeneous spaces R. On the Jacobian problem A. Torsors over Luna strata I. Hamiltonian varieties with invariant Lagrangian subvarieties continuation D. Hamiltonian varieties with invariant Lagrangian subvarieties joint work with V. Zhgoon D. On relations for matrix invariants A. Actions of a commutative unipotent group on flag varieties and nilpotent multiplications R.

A geometric realization of the Altmann—Hausen family N.


Compact linear groups with quotient space homeomorphic to a cell O. Spherical actions on flag varieties A. The problem of branching: a geometric approach A. Typical properties of 2-step nilpotent Lie algebras M. Characters of the group of rational rearrangements E. Crystallographic affine groups G. Homomorphisms of rings of convex polytopes and their applications N. Howe, F. Pecher A. Veselov L. Braided Geometry and its applications D.

Konyaev, A. Two kinds of bundles with torus action joint work with J. Gonzales, M. Hering, S. Rajeswari A. Hausen and H.