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Jack Moffitt is the author of the book linked to above. The library involved JavaScript and C implementations is Strophe. This is a very fruitful area of exploration, but very raw. We'll see more soon.

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  • strophe 0.0.5.
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I'm not sure how to phrase it the best way, but what I'm looking for is a way to display data on a web page as it becomes available. Examples: Displaying IRC channel messages on a web page, as a message is sent to an IRC channel, the message is outputted to the web page at the same time or with very little delay. Or when data is inserted into database, it is outputted to a web page at the same time again, or with very little delay.

How is such a feature implemented? An example or pseudo-code explanation would be appreciated since I have absolutely no idea where to even start and what I need. I'm currently developing an app in facebook which has a list of friends of the user logged in and shows their online presence.

To get this, I used the following FQL query:. I am building a chat feature inside a website, something like stackoverflow chat but simpler, are there any best practices or standards I need to follow while creating this feature using MVC. I'd definitely take a look at XMPP.

I'm envisioning something similar where people can log in, draw plays etc, I want updates to happen in real time, so that other people logged in as a team see what others are 'drawing'. I was thinking of extending a html canvas drawing app and adding network communication, but I'm not sure where to start looking. I've seen pubsubhubbub April chrisw. I want to disable retrieving Group chat MUC history while joining a group - Android I am always receiving group chat history while joining the room.

To be more specific, whenever I join a group, I am receiving the last one message only one message which I have sent to that group. I have tried the following methods to disable this..

Create a Chat App using Intel XDK and XMPP

As per the documentation suggests, I have passed December Saamzzz. Here my problem is, I want to send chat notifications. I tried the fallowing way but not getting correctly. July venkat. Imagine that I would like to do an app where users can chat, but visually - they would paint stuff on the screen.

The screen would be split in half, and each participant would draw something on their half, and it would appear to the other participant. Sketching on the touch screen should be pretty s December Axarydax.

دانلود کتاب برنامه نویسی حرفه ای XMPP با جاوا اسکریپت و jQuery

Please take your time look at the following code the. May xx Accept the transfer of a file I connect Adium client with my iphone simulator, and all is connected and TurnSocket Succesfull And in adium i send a file and i recive this 'iq': I guess that is a message to accept the transfer, no? What i have to done to accept it? November Javi Les Paul. I want to understand how can you find out the name of the library to use in the linking parameters.

May Ayoub M. Can wave bots used on other places or use bosh and create webclient to consume the bot? Is wave protocol bot library created using ignite whack library? October cometta.

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  • Professional XMPP Programming with JavaScript and jQuery.
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Jabber Openfire server v3. I'm setting up a Jabber server for my website. I've already got some user accounts in place in the openfire database, and working IMs between them. September Alister Bulman. I am very interested in using XMPP for the chat portion of the app, but have not a clue how to implement this. Can someone help me with implementing the XMPP piec February user Can we use one SSL certificate on two different hosting I have server. We have two different servers installed on AWS one instance one IP one is app server and another is xmpp server.

We access xmpp server using port server.

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We were able to use one SSL certificate for both servers. Now as September SangamAngre. How he knows which message wasn't July Rubycon. I am able to chat with single user but getting problems in group chat. I require any tutorial or code to perform group chat. I've referenced this Stack Overflow question and this blog post when looking for a solution. How to make procfile for java server on heroku?

Professional XMPP Programming with JavaScript and jQuery

I spent a day trying to run a java xmpp fcm server for Google Firebase messaging. Following that example to establish the server on Heroku service, I figured out that I need to create procfile file. January iluxa. Where is the full JID value when using xmpppy?

Where do I find the full JID value after connecting and authenticating against a Jabber server when using the xmpppy library?

I need the full JID for a subsequent Iq call to the server. March Philip Fourie. Quickblox Chat connection drop when chatting in android I am working on an app for android which involves Quickblox. I am keep getting message 'Chat connection has been dropped'. Upon reading the logcat, this is what I am getting: December Simranjeet Singh. Im following how to create plugin from its documentation but its not working.


Heres my code last. December Gilang Pratama Putra. Driver tigase. September darewreck. I am using following lines of code to send file. But I am continuously getting single error and stuck on issue. I have used following code in app to send file between two devices.

Jack Moffitt: The Real Time Web with XMPP

October Jayesh Sojitra.