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However, any enemy hit with a stealth attack which uses the knife will be killed in one shot, including Revenants and Ironheads. Additionally, every episode features at least one medal related to killing a certain amount of enemies with the knife.

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In Raid Mode, the knife is generally not a good weapon to use in higher difficulties depending on the character's level, unless certain skills are equipped which increase the knife speed, damage, or just replaces the knife with the Katana. Stealth attacks will also not kill enemies in one shot in most situations. In the campaign , there are 4 skills related to the knife:. In the Raid Mode , there are 3 skills that also improve the knife:. There are also 3 campaign records related to the knife:.

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Claire attacking an Afflicted with the knife shortly after acquiring it in Episode 1. Barry performing a stealth attack with the knife against a Rotten in the imprisonment zone. The knife in the Cutting Edge award icon. Magnum M Mr.

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Japan exclusive. Custom Parts. Quick Load. Firing Rate. Soul Eater. Greedy Killer.

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That's like comparing someone who does well with a paint by numbers and someone who teaches art at the Sorbonne. No different than the personalities on the food network who don't even know the basics. Perfect example is Gordon Ramsey doing knife skills demo's on YT, he messed it up in seconds and didn't know he did. He cut through the root of the onion when he cut it in half thus dragging all the dirt and bacteria from the root across the face of the onion cut and contaminating it.

Something a first year culinary student knows better than to do. Fucking personalities…. Your email address will not be published.

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