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Time will tell what consensus cosmologists reach over this distinction between chaotic inflation and eternal inflation. Key Events in String Theory History Although string theory is a young science, it has had many notable achievements. What foll String Theory Features String theory is a work in progress, so trying to pin down exactly what the science is, or How to Calculate Acceleration In physics terms, acceleration, a, is the amount by which your velocity changes in a given Important Physics Equations to Remember Physics is packed with formulas and equations.

This comprehensive list, arranged by topic, The correspondence between simulations of the cosmos and art brings to mind a witty quote from who else? Oscar Wilde: "Paradoxically though it may seem, it is none the less true that life imitates art far more than art imitates life!

Eternal Inflation

Figure 3. The fractal "landscape" resulting from eternal inflation. US Edition U.

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No-boundary measure in the regime of eternal inflation

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Sol Lewitt's "Splotch If the model is correct, the resulting picture is that of an infinite number of "bubbles", each of them containing an infinite universe, and we would be living deep inside one of these bubbles. This is the multiverse. Extracting meaningful predictions on what physics we should expect to observe within our bubble encounters severe ambiguities, like ratios of infinities.

A Smooth Exit From Eternal Inflation | Tangram

It is therefore necessary to adopt a prescription to regulate the diverging spacetime volume of the multiverse. The problem of defining such a prescription is the measure problem, which is a major challenge of theoretical cosmology. In this thesis, I shall describe the measure problem and propose a promising candidate solution: the scale-factor cutoff measure.

I shall study this measure in detail and show that it is free of the pathologies many other measures suffer from. In particular, I shall discuss in some detail the "Boltzmann brain" problem in this measure and show that it can be avoided, provided that some plausible requirements about the landscape of vacua are satisfied. Two interesting applications of the scale-factor cutoff measure are investigated: the probability distributions for the cosmological constant and for the curvature parameter.

The former turns out to be such that the observed value of the cosmological constant is quite plausible.