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If needed, a container will be ordered and delivered to your residence. My gallon container in the alley is overflowing, can you help? If the nearest available container is full, use one of the others within the block.

We service every alley once each week. Taking advantage of our recycling programs can also help keep your container from overflowing.

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How do I arrange for a bulk collection items too large for my container? Where can I get information regarding disposal of hazardous materials? You can call for more information. What do I do with yard waste?

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Many of our customers are assigned a Color, which corresponds to the day the trash is collected in their neighborhood. The collection day moves forward one day after each holiday. Whom do I call if I have a question concerning my regular collection day? Call the Service Center at Customers assigned a color can call your color i. How do holidays affect the collection schedule? There are no collections on holidays observed by the City of Columbus. Collection Color Schedule: The refuse collection day moves forward after City observed holidays for residents assigned a collection color.

What can I do about somebody who is dumping illegally?

What Do I Do With…?

How do I arrange for a dead animal pickup in the City? Call for collection of a dead animal from the roadway or city right of way. A dead animal cannot be collected from within your house, basement or garage, or anywhere on your property. Veterinarians and some local funeral homes will accept dead animals. You may arrange to drop-off a dead animal by calling the Capital Area humane Society at , extension My wheeled container is damaged, how can I get it repaired or replaced?

Write down the serial number of the container and contact the Service Center at Provide the Service Center the container serial number and the type of damage to the container.

How Do Worms Turn Garbage into Compost?

It will be repaired or replaced on your collection day. In most cases it is repaired or replaced on their next collection day. The gallon container in the alley is damaged, how can I get it repaired or replaced?

What Do I Do With | High Point, NC

Contact the Service Center at Be sure to write down the serial number of the container and specify the type of damage to the container. The container will be repaired or replaced within 10 working days. Disposal of these products requires special attention. You can dispose of Household Hazardous Waste at :. Please call to confirm hours. California State law prohibits leaving hazardous materials at the Waste Collection Facility before hours, after hours, or when an operator is not present.

The load limit is 15 gallons or lbs. Not all types of waste is accepted at the facility. Please see below for acceptable and unacceptable material types. You can dispose of Electronic Waste at :. NOTE: Please remove batteries from all devices and tape terminals with clear tape if possible. When fats, oils, and grease FOG is poured down kitchen drains, it accumulates inside sewer system pipes. As FOG builds up, it restricts the flow in the pipes and can cause untreated wastewater to back up into homes, businesses and streets, resulting in high costs for clean up and restoration.

Make sure the grease hardens before disposing of it in the trash. Recycle used oil and used filters at these Certified Collection Centers. Call CleanUp or go to www. The businesses listed here will accept up to 5 gallons of used motor oil from Stanislaus County residents during regular business hours.

The biggest recycling mistakes Canadians continue to make

Sometimes the oil storage tanks at these businesses are full; to be sure they will accept your oil, please call ahead. You can dispose of batteries at :. Please take your used pharmaceutical waste to the following disposal box locations. Only pills, liquids and over-the-counter medicines are accepted at these sites. No syringes will be accepted. Some companies sell containers, and provide mail back service for sharps. Call for information. Waterford Garbage Routes What goes where: Waterford's two-bin collection system The monthly rate for residential service entitles you to once per week pick up of one standard 96 gallon black garbage bin, and one standard 96 gallon green organic bin.

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  • What goes in the black can? Accepted Materials: General household trash, food waste, soiled food wrappers, incandescent light bulbs Do Not Include: Dirt, rock, sod, concrete, construction debris, hot ashes, liquids, electronics, hazardous waste such as oil, gas, paint or batteries. For non-hazardous liquids such as cooking or vegetable oil, solidify the liquid by mixing it with an absorbent like kitty litter, saw dust or even newspapers.

    Items and How to Dispose of Them:

    Once the liquid is in "solid" form, it can go in the regular black trash can.