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Watch Presentation 25min. Or watch a shorter, 2 minute version of Clive Parkinson's presentation. Download transcript.

Download Speech. In A Bird in a Gilded Cage Clive Parkinson suggests that, in a world where institutional neglect and cruelty towards some of our most vulnerable citizens has been exposed, the arts might offer something of an antidote to the way we support people affected by memory loss.

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Read the full essay. The goal of the project was to promote access to culture and well-being through the creative partnership of professionals within culture, education, health care and social services - presenting new approaches towards arts and health. The target groups of these activities were seniors, mental health service users, clinicians and children.

The project evaluation employed quantitative and qualitative methods of which illustrated the positive impact of the artistic activities to the well-being of participants. By creating access to culture, the project taught the participants new skills and capacities, encouraged aspiration to improve skills and create new knowledge. The evaluation revealed positive impacts on emotion and mood, self-esteem, social vitality, communication and relationships, encouraging openness and strengthening a sense of community. This report is in Lithuanian, but google translate will help you translate sections.

Download PDF. The unit encourages collaborative, interdisciplinary practice and shared experience. Lectures and talks from key research staff and students, tutorial group meetings, and presentation. The set projects will vary from year to year and will designed to be responsive to creative opportunities.

More details soon. Please report to Education North, to which the entrance is on Nelson Street until 9th August, after that the new road should be open.

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Arts for Health hold the UK's largest archives of valuable research material spanning the last 30 years. For some time, this resource has been un-catalogued and inaccessible to the public. We aim to have this material available to the public early The aim of the partnership is to gather evidence of impact and need across the UK and lobby for increased investment and a raised profile of this work.

The attached paper sets out the remit of, and potential priorities for, a Health and Well-Being Alliance serving the North-West, reflecting the imperative of enabling and supporting large scale, cross-sectoral transformational change. Specifically, it will also provide a resource to enable local public health delivery.

With the new Department of Health White Paper and immanent developments in Public Health nationally, its important the arts and cultural sector engages with this debate.

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Please send any responses to c. This conference is aimed at professionals from both the health and arts sectors. Its main aim is to raise the debate among practitioners as to the value and effectiveness of the arts along with some practical solutions. Further Details. The arts play a powerful role in the wellbeing of those who experience mental health problems.

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How can we understanding this? The Award recognises innovative work in Arts and Mental Health and marks significant contributions to research and practice in the field. Further details. Whether it is rekindling past skills in music, dance, poetry or song or having the opportunity to discover new artistic pursuits, the essence of these gatherings is rich in relationship building and participation.

Arts Development in Community Health: A Social Tonic

We work with partners in community health and ageing for referrals of clients who may be at risk of the poorer health outcomes of disengagement and loneliness during transitions in later life. For more information contact stephanie. Inspired by the carnivalesque; hierarchy, institutionalised structure and time are halted as all are declared equal in the here and now. This public event invites artist workshops and local performances to support a non-stop variety experience that normalises intergenerational creative and community exchange.

The next event is at the Gnomon Pavilion, Ulverstone at No Song Left Unsung is a space to express candid musings, pearls of wisdom or the unspoken and deeply personal on things that matter to us as we grow older. Musical composers respond by sampling conversational pieces recorded by the Agency team to create kaleidoscopic soundscapes. This is a model of work to be replicated with universal themes. Thank you to the residents of Meander Valley Life who shared their thoughts on the theme of loneliness.

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  6. This program questions how we could better welcome new residents, reducing the emotional stress of moving into a new community. Independent living villages come together to share their their own transitional experiences and share stories past and present that celebrate their individuality, values, skills and interests. Its creative and non-intrusive approach allows the potential for all to recognise like-minded individuals and common ground interests in their surroundings.

    National award-winning project model developed by Chris Mead and Stephanie Finn in Billy supports children in their community to be connected in school and their neighbourhood. This engagement becomes an annual ritual of public celebration and a rite of passage that invests in the best start possible during the pivotal transition of early years.

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    Seniors are integral as positive role models, sharing stories and making billy carts alongside makers and families in creating happy childhood memories. Since , Billy is established in two primary school communities in Tasmania. About Us. Collaboration begins with your story.

    Care Professionals Our consultancy and social care programs are delivered to be aligned with your values and brand, applying creative participatory strategies that nurture purpose and self-engagement for improved health outcomes for your clients.

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    Our work with disadvantaged communities, aged care homes, independent living villages, dementia specific, social and respite centres has been recognised with two Australian Arts and Health awards in Community Health and National Leadership Lets collaborate together to develop new creative programs with your team. Volunteers Agency welcomes volunteers of all ages and all walks of life, bringing a diversity of skills and creative input connected to our values and mission.

    Artists Agency trains, mentors and supports artists to work in healthcare and community settings on relevant projects for specific outcomes.

    Rekindle and Reconnect. Social Tonic Playing, doing and making together is a social tonic. For more information contact: stephanie.