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Though published 14 years after A Child's Book of Saints it has similar stories and a similar style, so that the two are like companion volumes. The notable characteristic of both is Canton's unique penchant for British history and the appeal of his lyricism as he recounts the tales of saints and other heroes less well known to us today. The noble qualities of each character shine forth as each legend comes to life in these pages. Add to the cart or wish list above.

Helaman and the Two Thousand Warriors

Stay in the know Get our latest news and offers. Two of my favourite things ever are hearing 5 year olds say the word "amygdala", and having them come up to me in the playground to say "I've got this! Such an incredible resource - thank you so much!!! I could not love this book any more if I tried! Thank you so much for this incredible resource! This book is beyond phenomenal for kids AND adults with anxiety. I LOVE it! Thank you. Thank you for explaining why we feel the way we do. Thank you for explaining that our strengths as anxiety sufferers are beautiful.

Thank you for making anxiety less scary! Oh please stop I love this book so much. I gave my eight year old grandson this book for Christmas.

Hey Warrior

My son just tagged me on a post that my grandson loves it so much. It's his new favorite book and he wants to keep reading it. Thank you so much!!! This book is excellent and highly recommended. I'm an adult who experiences the bodily reactions described in this book - only in the last few years have I really developed an understanding about it. How wonderful to have an accessible tool to use with children experiencing anxiety so they don't spend 30 years thinking there is something wrong with them like I did! I'm now a primary school teacher who has a student with anxiety in my class.

I can't wait to share this book with him when we get back from school holidays! It is utterly brilliant. Thank you SO much for putting this together. This is an incredible book written so that even my kindergarteners and a child with autism spectrum behaviors understand it and find it helpful.

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I have no affiliation to the author. Thank you so much for writing this awesome book on this very important issue of anxiety that many people seem to dismiss. It has helped simplify the explanation of what this disorder actually is to kids and it is so well illustrated that it keeps kids of all ages engaged and interested in this difficult subject matter. Great read for both parents and kids. Every day is a struggle but tools like this are so extremely helpful.

Seriously, is this even a competition, Marc? Get it together…. Why does Uncle Jake hate TV so much? Does he know how good TV is? He makes Marc do math. I already know how to do math. Chapter Fifteen More martial arts stuff, which once again I cannot do. Chapter Sixteen Uncle Jake teaches Marc some food stuff. I am uninterested and beginning to question if Uncle Jake is the badass ultimate hero I thought he was. Chapter Seventeen Marc finally swims. It took him pages to do something I could do before I started this book.

Chapter Eighteen Uncle Jake wants us to pull-ups. LOL that is very funny, Uncle Jake. But seriously, what are we doing? Uncle Jake is serious. We are allowed to take breaks, but we have to keep going until we reach I am worried that Marc might die. Marc somehow reaches 87 and then wants to quit because his hands are bleeding. But obviously, we will let him stop. His hands are bleeding. He is a child. Only a monster would make Marc continue. This is when it hits me. Uncle Jake was not the hero. What else could justify making a child do 13 push-ups after their hands are literally bleeding?

My God, Marc and I have both been swayed by his charisma, but no more!

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  • Right, Marc?! Marc keeps going. I realize now that the Way of the Warrior Kid was inside me all along. I am not only greater than Marc, but I am also greater than Uncle Jake. I reward myself by doing no pull-ups. Chapter Nineteen Marc memorizes the names of the Presidents?


    Was this a previous plot point? Where is this coming from? Whatever, I am bored. Chapter Twenty Marc fights someone in Jiu Jitsu. How long is this fucking book? Chapter Twenty One More swimming stuff.

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    I feel my sanity slowly slipping away from me. Why am I doing this? Who am I? What is life?

    Jocko Willink and the Way of the Warrior Kid

    Chapter Twenty Two Marc does 10 pull-ups. This feels extremely anti-climactic.